Concept | City Queens



The first edition of City Queens was organized in 1999 as sister concept of the late City Kingz concept which devoted itself more to pure hip hop culture. City Queens was a bit more commercial and also had an ear for the better dance tracks within the genre. Especially for the ladies, this was a refreshing alternative to all that raw hip hop violence.

The trendsetting concept was an immediate success and became thé standard for urban related parties in Flanders. For 10 years, black music enthusiasts travelled to Ghent about 6 times a year from all corners of the country to shake away to their favorite music in Vooruit or on a couple of exceptional occasions, in Culture Club.

Those dj’s that are now the masters in the genre as TLP, Killa Tactics, Davidov and Black Frank built their name and fame on City Queens. 15 years after the very beginning Nasty Mondays is organizing a true reunion: the Soul School Reunion. We pick up where we left off and will be bringing back the hot moves on the dance-floor.

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